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Windows 95

Copying Files

Copying Files

There will come a time when you will need to make a copy of file, either for another person, or just to have a valid backup of some data that is important to you. Windows 95 provides several ways for you to copy files. Try the following for yourself:

Method 1:

1 - Click on the file you want to copy in any Explorer or My Computer window

2 - Select "Copy" from the Edit Menu or use the keyboard shortcut [Ctrl] +[C] .

3 - Open a window where you want to place the copy of the fiel4 - Select "Paste" from the Edit menu or the [Ctrl] + [V] keyboard shortcut and your file will be copied to that location.

Method 2:

1 - In the Explorer folder view, have both the window where the file is, and the window to where the file will be copied to open at the same time.

2 - Hold the Ctrl key down, and drag the file to its new location.

Method 3:

1 - Right-click and hold the mouse button down on the file you want to copy in any Explorer or My Computer window.

2 - Drag the file to the folder you wish to place the copy in and release the mouse button.

3 - Select "Copy Here" from the drop-down menu

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