Controlling Screen Effects  With Windows 98

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With Windows 98

Controlling Screen Effects  With Windows 98

Windows 98 has incorporated some of the features that were in the old Windows 95 Plus program. You now have the ability to change the properties of how your screen behaves, and control some of the visual effects that are now included with Windows 98.

To modify your screen effects:

1 - Right click on any blank area of the desktop

2 - Choose properties from the drop down menu

3 - Click the "Effects" tab

The Desktop icons section lets you change the default desktop icons to any icon on your system. See Changing Default Desktop Icons for more information.

In the "Visual Effects" section of the screen has several check boxes. Here is a list of what each option does:

Large Icons: When enabled, this option displays all your desktop icons about twice the normal size.

Show icons using all possible colors: This option is usually on by default. When checked, Windows 98 uses a high resolution display for all icons on the desktop and within each Windows 98 Explorer folder view.

Use menu animations: When this option is enabled, your menus will no longer just appear when clicked. They will slide out from the side.


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