Toolbar On The Taskbar (Windows 98)

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Toolbar On The Taskbar (Windows 98)

Placing A Customized Toolbar On The Taskbar

The Taskbar in Windows 98 still displays an icon for every open or minimized window on the desktop, and now includes the ability to add 4 new toolbars to it . Did you know that you can also add a customized toolbar of your own making to the Taskbar?

Let's say you have a folder where you keep all your important work, and you don't want to always have to go through the Windows Explorer to open that folder to see its contents. You can easily create a customized toolbar to always display that folder's contents on the Windows 98 Taskbar. Here's how:

To add a customized toolbar to your taskbar:

1 - Right click on any blank area of the taskbar

2 - Choose Toolbars from the drop down menu

3 - Select the "New Toolbar"

4 - Navigate the "New Toolbar Dialog box, and select a folder from the list

5 - The folder will appear on the taskbar as a tool bar with arrows on either end. You can simply click on any item on that toolbar to open it.


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