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Freeing Up Disk Space By Deleting Win 98 Uninstall Files

Free Up Disk Space By Deleting Windows 98 Uninstall Files

If you chose to save your previous operating system's files during the upgrade to Windows 98, those files are saved on your hard drive and can take up to 100 MB of disk space on your system. If you are absolutely certain that you will not be uninstalling Windows 98 and reverting back to your old operating system, follow the steps below to free up that space:

NOTE: Once you remove the Windows 98 uninstall files, you will not be able to revert back to your previous operating system without formatting your hard drive. Make sure this is what you really want to do before executing this procedure.

1 - Click the Start button

2 - Choose Settings, then Control Panels

3 - Click the Add/Remove Programs icon

4 - Click the Install/Uninstall tab

5 - Scroll the list until you find "Old Windows/MS-DOS System Files"

6 - Highlight that item with a single mouse click

7 - Click the Remove button

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