Associate Same File With Multiple Applications (Windows 98)

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Associate Same File With Multiple Applications (Windows 98)

How To Associate The Same File Type To Multiple Applications

Documents or files of a specific extension are usually associated with a single application. Normally, when you double-click on a file with that extension type, Windows 95 will launch that specific application, then open the document in that application. In Windows 3.1x, you could only associate a file extension to a single application. Windows 98 however, allows you to associate a file extension to multiple applications. This gives you the ability to select which application you want to use to open that particular file type.

Here's how you do it:

1 - Double-click on My Computer, select Options from the View menu and click on the File Types tab.

2 - Look in the Registered File Types list for the document type that you'd like to open in other applications. For example, you may want to open a file type of .TXT with MS Word, Notepad, or Word Perfect.

3 - Click on Edit, then New. Type something like "Open in [your application]" in the Action field.

4 - Click on the Browse button to find the application.

5 - Select the application's .EXE file and click OK.

6 - Click Close, then Close again.

Now whenever you right click on a file of that extension (.TXT in our example) you will see a drop down menu that lists all the "Open With" options that you established in the steps above.





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