Recover A File From The Recycle Bin

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Recover A File From The Recycle Bin

File recovery From The Recycle Bin

When you move a file to the recycle bin, either by dragging it there with the mouse, or by right clicking on the file's icon and selecting "Delete" from the drop down menu, the file is not really deleted from your system until you issue the command to "Empty The Recycle Bin." As long as the file is still in the bin, you can easily recover it to any place on your file system you'd like. Here's how.

1 - Double click the "Recycle Bin" icon

2 - Find the file you wish to recover and simply drag it to the desktop

3 - If you'd like to return the file to its original disk location, simply right click on the file and select "Restore" from the drop down menu.


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