Prepare For Windows 98 Installation

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Prepare For Windows 98 Installation

Properly Preparing Your System Will Save You Time In The Long Run

Although Windows 98 Setup is very good at detecting your current system configuration and making adjustments in the way it loads this new operating system on your computer, it can't do everything. There are certain steps you can perform even before you stick the Windows 98 CD in the CD-ROM drive. Here's a few of the things you should consider:

Do I Meet The Minimum Hardware And Software Requirements?

Microsoft suggests the following minimum and recommended system configuration for a successful Windows 98 installation:

Required Hardware:

Processor: Minimum: 486/DX 66 Mhz Processor; Recommended: Pentium

RAM: Minimum:16 MB; Recommended: the more, the better performance you'll get

Monitor: Minimum:VGA 16 Colors; Recommended: SVGA 256 Colors

CD-ROM Drive: Minimum:1X; Recommended: 4X or faster

3.5" Floppy Diskette Drive

Hard Drive Space: 195 - 300 MB of available space dependant on installation options

Optional Additional Hardware:

Mouse: Minimum: Windows 98 compatible pointing device

Modem:Minimum: 14.4 BPS; Recommended: 28.8 BPS

Am I Running Any Virus Checking Software That May Interfere With Setup?

Popular virus checking software such as McAfee's Scan95 and Norton Antivirus protects your computer from the threat of malicious computer viruses. These programs protect your hard drive's boot sector, the part of the disk that tells the computer where your operating system is located on the disk. Windows 98 Setup modifies the boot sector of your hard drive, so disable your virus detection software prior to installing Windows 98.

What Type Of Setup Do I Wish To Perform?

If you are installing Windows 98 as an upgrade from DOS or Windows 3.1, Windows 98 offers 4 different types of setup options: Typical, Portable, Compact and Custom. Each option varies in the components that Setup will install on your computer. For example, a Portable configuration loads all of the "Communication" options for hooking up to a network from a remote site, but does not install any of the games that come with the CD for conservation of disk space. A Typical configuration choice will load the programs you are most likely to use under all circumstances. All in all, it doesn't matter which option you choose, because you can always go back and install any component you have not previously loaded.

Programs That Will Interfere With Setup Should Be Disabled

Certain programs, such as MS-DOS based utilities that run in the background, and third party windows utilities such as monitor configuration programs can interfere with the way that Windows 98 detects the existing hardware configuration on your system. To eliminate the possibility that Windows 98 Setup will fail during hardware detection, disable these programs before starting the installation routine. Consult your owner's manuals for the proper way to disable these types of programs.

Backup!!! Backup!!! Backup!!!

If you value your operating system and your important data files, it is imperative that you backup these crucial files prior to attempting the installation of a new operating system.

At a minimum, make sure you have working backups of the following:

- All critical business and personal data.

- All initialization (INI) files in the Windows directory.

- All registry data (DAT) files in the Windows directory.

- All password (PWL) files in the Windows directory.

- All Program Manager group (GRP) files in the Windows directory.

- All critical real-mode drivers specified in Config.sys and Autoexec.bat.

- Config.sys and Autoexec.bat in the root directory.

Prepare Your Computer's File System Prior To Installation Of Windows 98

A proper working hard drive is a key factor when installing a new operating system. Before running Windows 98 setup, you should take the time to run Scandisk and repair any disk errors it detects. To make Setup run faster, you should defragment your hard drive as well. Providing Windows 98 setup with the greatest amount of contiguous disk space will aid the installation process.

If something goes wrong, don't panic. There are plenty of things you can do to help troubleshoot installation problems. You are entitled to free technical support from Microsoft if you have purchased and registered your copy of Windows 98. If Windows 98 came pre-installed on your computer, you are also entitled to free technical support from the computer manufacturer.

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