Windows 98 - Configure Your Startup Files

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Windows 98 - Configure Your Startup Files

Use The System Configuration Editor To Safely Change Your Startup Files

In the days of Windows 95, you used SYSEDIT to access and modify your system configuration files that were left over from Windows 3.1. These files, such as WIN.INI, SYSTEM.INI, CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT were critical to the operation of your system. SYSEDIT was only a beefed up version of Notepad that opened these files for you to view and edit, but never gave you a clue as to what had to be done.

In Windows 98, there is a new System Configuration Utility that is actually a great functional improvement over the old SYSEDIT utility. It's called "MSCONFIG." Now you can see the relationships between keywords and values in your configuration files and get online help in editing them.

The interface to the new System Configuration Utility is a tabbed dialog box that contains a tab for each critical system configuration file.

To start the new Configuration File Editor:

1 - Select START/Run

2 - Type "MSCONFIG" in the text area and click the "Ok" button


The General tab lets you configure certain system startup options. You can choose to start your system normally, in Safe Mode for diagnostics, or selectively choose which files should be processed at startup time. You also have the options of backing up your system configuration files with a single mouse click, or recovering those files as well. For the technology gurus in the crowd, an advanced feature button is also included.

The Config.Sys, Autoexec.Bat, System.Ini and Win.Ini Tabs

When viewing the contents of these files from any of the above mentioned tabs, you can replace values of any item by simply highlighting the line and clicking the "Edit" button. You can rearrange the order of statement execution by using the "Move Up" and "Move Down" button. You can disable a line simply by unchecking the box next to the item. You can even add new sections by clicking the "Add" button.

The Startup Tab

The Startup tab contains a list of all the programs that are started automatically when Windows 98 is loaded. These programs can be started from the C:\Windows\Program Files\Startup folder, or from sections in the registry. In either case, you can disable the start of any of the programs in the list, simply by unchecking the item.


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