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Free Downloads for Linux


One of the great things about running a Linux distribution is the wealth of free software strewn about the web. You don't dole out a significant amount of your wealth just for an office suite application (think Microsoft Office) or a photo manipulation program (Adobe Photoshop).


There are so many free and powerful Linux applications on the internet that it can become a bit cumbersome to sieve and filter through all of them. Let's go through several free and must-have programs for this great OS. Below we list only several free downloads for Linux, but there are a lot more free Linux programs all over the internet.


A Browser for the Masses: Mozilla Firefox


If for some odd reason your current Linux distro doesn't already have Firefox installed, you'll want to download it right away for your web surfing needs. Not only does Firefox trump all existing browsers out there, but it grants its users the ability to extend the browser through the use of powerful extensions.


The generic Firefox install package for Linux should install without problems on just about any distro, but you may want to find a package that was designed specifically for your distro to keep your package management system happy. You can download the free generic Linux install package here:


Email and Linux, the Perfect Union : Mozilla Thunderbird


Are you running Linux but wish you could also run Microsoft's Outlook email client? Mozilla Thunderbird is the perfect free email solution; it doesn't cost a cent, it's stable, and it provides more than enough email features than you'll probably ever need.


If your current Linux distro doesn't include Thunderbird from the get-to, then you can find the free Linux package here:


Word Processors, Spread Sheets, Multimedia Presentations: OpenOffice


Are you tried of Microsoft's bloated Office suite? Are you puzzled as to why Microsoft keeps releasing Office upgrades every couple of years with nothing more than a hefty price tag and paltry feature updates? If you answered “yes” twice, then you need to give OpenOffice a test drive.


OpenOffice is a multiplatform office suite which runs perfectly on any Linux distro. Every useful application that Microsoft's Office provides is included in OpenOffice free of charge: “Writer” for word processing, “Calc” for all your spreadsheet needs, “Impress” is an impressive PowerPoint clone, “Base” for your access-like database requirements.


When running Linux you need not feel like you're out of the office productivity loop. Give OpenOffice a try:


With thousands of Free Linux Downloads all over the internet, users around the world are discovering that Linux can provide thrifty solutions for all of their computing needs.


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