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The Alternative To Windows? Linux Operating System
Why SuSe Linux?

-I have gone through several different version's of Linux and found SuSe to be the best for me. Also is a ton of software to go with it and its only about 30.00. That's cheap enough for most of us.


-SuSe Linux 6.1 is offering 5 CD's with 4GB worth of programs, 450 page manual, 60 day support, and 2.2.5 kernel. Also you can easily and for free upgrade your edition when new packages come out. These guys seem to help you all the way until you have there version installed and fully usable.

-Some more features that are really neat is all of the networking support in this package. You can do everything from run a web server, learn programming, database's, email servers, and even most of the UNIX tools out. Pretty darn neat and your getting way more than Windows ever though about putting into a package.

-Not only do you get a bunch of software but also get many updated drivers. I had a problem running a Voodoo Video card under Red Ha but SuSe let me run it with no problems offering really good support for the card.

System Requirements

-Motherboards supported: ISA,EISA,VLB,PCI

-Processors: 386sx Pentium Compatible and up.

-RAM: 8MB minimum but 32MB if you want to use the GUI(Graphical User Interface) which is similar to Windows.

-Hard Drive: Minimum of 300MB available and 4GB for the full install.

Controllers Supported: ALL IDE, Supports most SCSI, and RAID.

CD-ROM's- supports IDE,SCSI

Video Cards- most Video Cards but to much support for the accelerator cards.

-For more information on hardware and even buying a copy check out www.suse.com.

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