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Linux X-Cart Hosting


You've been tasked with setting up and configuring an X-Cart online shop, but you don't know were to begin. Let's enumerate several things you'll need to consider before you start.


What is X-Cart?


X-Cart is a shopping cart software system that uses the ubiquitous PHP scripting language and Smarty templates to maintain clean code that's easy to modify at your whim. Data for your online store is archived into a MySQL database, a popular, free database employed on millions of servers globally.


Because X-Cart operates in conjunction with PHP and MySQL, it can be executed on many different types of server operating systems: Linux, Windows, or any UNIX-based environment; more commonly, a PHP-based website is usually powered by a Linux OS with a MySQL backend for data storage. This makes for a frugal, powerful solution for a dynamic online shop.


What is X-Cart used for?


Many programmers—when on a deadline—hate reinventing the wheel when it comes to application development. With mega companies like Amazon and, shopping cart software can be found in operation at every corner of the web.


Aside from an academic exercise, it would be silly to code your own shopping cart application from scratch when a deadline is looming. The X-Cart——shopping cart software is the perfect out-of-the-box solution.


X-Cart is useful for programmers seeking a PHP solution for their shopping cart application and any companies that wish to offer a customizable eCommerce application for their customers' needs.


What should I consider when I select my X-Cart Host?


The success of your online store heavily rests on the shoulders of the host you decide to run your shop on. Right off the bat, you'll want an X-Cart host that provides fortified security, quick and responsive services, and easy-to-use storefront access.


Most hosting companies drop your online shop on a shared server; other customers' web sites are using the server's resources in cooperation with your own site. The more accounts your host places on a single server, the more work the server will have to perform to juggle all its accounts, which may contribute to slow processing and loading times for your web site. Be sure to query your host as to how many accounts are placed on a single server, as you may need to upgrade your hosting package to accommodate your online shop's processing requirements, maintaining a speedy, functional experience for your customers.


X-Cart shopping cart software can easily manage all of your customers' needs, so that you can concentrate on more important business issues.






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