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Loading Windows XP/2000

-Continuing on from the format partition screen you will prompted to select your time zone and keyboard languages. 

-Name and Organization settings are next, doesn't take a genius to work out what goes here.

-You will soon be prompted for your CD-Key, input this and continue.

-Computer name follows, along with modem options, input any digit for modem dialing tone as this is not used. Select the correct date and time zone and continue.

-Use the typical network settings, with default workgroup when prompted to.

-Windows will continue to finish installing.

-When windows finishes and reboots you will be welcomed by a "welcome screen", continue and follow the instructions shown.

-Windows should now start and all is ready.

-The last thing to do it to install the software for your devices, so continue to the next page.

Loading Windows 95/98ME

-Okay, with windows 98 startup disk in floppy drive and computer rebooted and started.

-Windows will go through a few steps and you will end up at a "A" prompt. Don't panic you are almost done.

-Put your windows 98 CD in drive, give the drive a few seconds to read the CD-ROM.

-Okay what we will try to accomplish now is getting a directory under the CD-ROM so we can install windows. Depending on how you partitioned your hard drive the CD-ROM should be on the D: drive. Most times it isn't while you are in this step it is actually a temp drive and is under E: . This will change later on when windows is actually loaded. Don't let it confuse you, we just have to get the prompt for the CD-ROM wherever it is. This is done by trial and error. At the "A" prompt type D: then enter key. If you get a error type "F" for fail. At "A" prompt again type E: enter. Eventually you will get it. I almost bet it is on the E: prompt for the majority of you.

-At your CD-ROM prompt D:?, E:?, F:?, type "setup" then enter.

-Windows will go through scandisk and check out your drive. When done hit "X" for exit.

-You should be at a Windows welcome screen. Choose continue.

-You will be brought to a wizard.

-Now we should be looking at a Wizard with a license agreement. Choose "I Accept".

-Enter Registration Key that is located on the Windows 98 case or envelope.

-Now you may be looking at a screen to verify you own prior windows media. What you need to do is eject the windows 98 CD and insert a windows 95 CD. This can be borrowed from a friend of course. Browse the windows 95 CD and look for "win 95" folder. After selected hit "ok"

-Windows will verify the CD and then your onto windows 98 installation. You will be prompted to put the windows 98 CD back in the CD-ROM drive. Choose "ok" when loaded in the drive.

-Choose C: \windows or the drive you want to load windows on. This is the default location for windows.

-Windows will now prepare the directory and check for space.

-Setup screen, choose custom to add all the goodies you want.

-User Info, put in your name and general information.

-Now you will be looking at a screen to add the components you want. Go through each category and and add all of what you want. If unsure add all of them! You can always get rid of them but you never know when you may want it later. When done choose "Next".

-Depending on what you chose you may be at a identification menu. This is for networking. Simply make sure your name is already added and click "ok".

-Now we need to give windows our location.

-Now windows will prompt you to make a startup disk. You already have one and can actually leave the old one in drive and have it re-written. You cannot skip this step. Make the start up disk.

-Now after you disc has been made we will go onto copying files to the hard drive. This is automatic so sit back and relax! Your almost done.

-Windows will restart. (Automatic)

-Setup Hardware (Automatic)

-Setup Time zone, choose your time zone.

-System will go through more auto configuration and will setup the start up menu, control panel, and so on.

-Enter Windows Password, the best thing to do with this is hit enter with no password in the dialog box. This provides little protection anyway so type nothing and hit enter. It shouldn't appear again.

-Hardware Auto Detect. This will look for PnP (Plug And Play) devices you installed on the motherboard.

-Personal settings

-Windows Starts!!!!!! Your almost Done.

-Okay if you made it this far we need to install the PnP device. You may be prompted to install them while windows boots. This isn't always the case. If you are prompted make sure to have the manufacturer disk ready. Now if you find that your devices are not loaded and need to be loaded or reloaded follow the links below.

Installing devices and software




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