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Windows 95

Changing Time Date

Changing The Date Format

Did you know that Windows 95 allows you to adjust the format of dates that are displayed in your Explorer Details view, as well as how dates are shown in most applications that are designed for Windows 95. Some folks like looking at dates like "Jan 1, 1998." Others prefer the European standard of "01-Jan-1998. What ever your preference is, Windows 95 can help you. Here's how:

1 - Click Start

2 - Select Settings/Control Panel

3 - Double-Click the "Regional Settings" icon

4 - Select the "Date" tab

5 - In the "Short Date Style" section use the drop down menu to select a format for the short date. Keep in mind, that "mm" stands for month, "dd" for day, and "yy" for year.

6 - In the "Long Date Style" section, use the drop down menu to select a format for the long date. A long date is similar to "Monday, January 1, 1998."

7 - Click OK to exit all dialog boxes.




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