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Customizing: Choosing Colors (Win 95)

The colors that Windows uses for your desktop, backgrounds, menu items, title bars, and fonts are preset to the Windows Standard scheme. This doesn't mean you have to live with the same choices that Mr. Gates likes though. You may choose your own color schemes, such as from dark blue to bright magenta if you wish! To change the color scheme:1 - Right-click on any blank space on the Desktop2 - Choose Properties, and click on the Appearance tab3 - Click on the down arrow under Item, and choose Selected Items4 - Click on any item in the sampling panel at the top of your window, such as the Active Window, Message Text, OK button, etc.5 - Now choose a Color

6 - Click on Apply to see your change without making permanent changes. Click on OK to make it stick. When you get tired of your chosen color scheme, you may change it again by following the same steps.


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