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How To Create Shortcuts (Win 95)

Shortcuts are pointers to programs and files on your computer. They have a little arrow in the lower left hand corner of the icon. A shortcut can be placed anywhere on your system. The most common places to place shortcuts are on the desktop, and on the Start menu.One way to create a shortcut to a program is as follows:

- Right click on any blank area of the desktop- Select NEW from the drop down menu

- Point the mouse to "Shortcut"

- In the text area of the "Command Line" dialog box, type the path to your program. If you are not sure where the program is located, click the BROWSE button and locate it.

- Click the NEXT button

- Give the shortcut a name

- Click the FINISH button.

Another way to create a shortcut is:

- Manually locate the icon for your program

- Right drag the icon to the desktop and release the mouse button- Select "Paste Shortcut Here" from the drop down menu.

- Rename the shortcut to your preference

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