Displaying An Object's Properties (Win 95)

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Displaying An Object's Properties (Win 95)

Every object you see on the Windows 95 desktop has certain properties that effect how that object will behave. For example, if you select My Computer and look at its properties, you will see such items as the Device Manager, Configuration Options, and Performance Options. Changing an item's properties will change how that object acts.

There are three ways to access an object's properties:

Method 1: (If you have a Windows Explorer window open)

1 -Highlight the object with a single mouse click

2 - Select "Properties" from the file menu

Method 2:

1 - Single right-click the object

2 - Select "Properties" from the drop down menu

Method 3:

1 - Hold down the "Alt" key on your keyboard

2 - Double left-click the object



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