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Windows 98

Alphabetize The Start Menu

How To Alphabetize The Start Menu Shortcuts

Did you ever wish your Start menu icons were in alphabetical order with all the shortcuts for your folders first, then the shortcuts for all your programs? You could take the time to manually arrange the icons by clicking and dragging them all over the Start menu placing them as alphabetical as possible until you install a new program. Windows 98 placed the new shortcut at the bottom of the list. There's a much easier way, with one simple Registry change, to restore order to the entire Start menu.

Warning: As with all Registry-editing techniques, we recommend backing up your Registry files--System.dat and User.dat, and the hidden files on the root of your hard drive--before continuing.

1 - Open the Registry Editor by selecting Start/Run, then typing regedit in the text box

.2 - Click OK

3 - Navigate your way to:HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\MenuOrder\Start Menu\Menu.

4 - In the right pane, right-click "Order"

5 - Select Delete, then click Yes to confirm.

6 - Close the Registry Editor, restart Windows 98, and check out your newly arranged Start menu.


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