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Windows 98 - Customize The Tool Bar

Windows 98 Adds Functionality To The Taskbar

The Taskbar, which is found at the bottom of the Windows 98 desktop has some new features and improvements over it's Windows 95 predecessor. The Taskbar will still display an icon for every open or minimized window on the desktop, but now includes the ability to add 4 new features in the form of a Toolbar.

The Address Toolbar: This toolbar gives you an area where you can type an Internet address without first opening the Internet Explorer web browser. If you are connected to the internet when you enter an address, Internet Explorer will launch and bring you to that web site. If you are not connected to the Internet when you enter an address, Windows 98 will prompt you to connect with the default dial-up connection.

The Links Toolbar: Similar in nature to a "bookmark" file, will list out favorite web sites that you have visited.

The Desktop Toolbar: This is a toolbar that will contain miniature icons of all the items on your Windows 98 desktop. This toolbar usually contains many items, and will not fit in the width of one screen. Windows 98 overcomes that problem by making the toolbar scrollable with left and right arrows.

The Quick Launch Toolbar: Perhaps the nicest feature of the new Taskbar features is Quick Launch. It contains small icons that you can use to launch some standard Windows 98 applications, such as Internet Explorer, the TV Viewer (if you have a TV card installed), bring the Desktop to the foreground, or view your active channels from the Internet. You can even add your own shortcuts to the Quick Launch toolbar so that your favorite applications are a single mouse click away.

To add these new toolbars to your taskbar:

1 - Right click on any blank area of the taskbar

2 - Choose Toolbars from the drop down menu

3 - Select the toolbar you want to add to the Taskbar

To add a shortcut to the Quick Launch toolbar:

1 - Add the Quick Launch toolbar to your taskbar by following the instructions above

2 - Find the program you want to add in the Windows 98 Explorer or "My Computer"

3 - Drag the program's icon to the Quick Launch toolbar

4 - Your program's icon will now appear on the toolbar

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