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Windows 98 How to Refresh

Quick Screen Refreshing

How many times have you looked for a file on floppy diskettes and you must repeatedly place a new floppy diskette into the drive to see what is on it? You know by now that Windows Explorer doesn't automatically update the window, but there is a quick and easy way to get Explorer to read the new floppy with one keystroke:

1. Insert the new floppy.

2. Press F5.

The F5 key triggers the Refresh Window command, which works in ANY Windows 98 program, document, or folder window.

-Something else to note is the desktop at times needs a refresh. If you find that an icon is missing on the tool bar follow below:

1.Right click on toolbar in a empty space.

2.Choose refresh from pop up dialog box.

-Desktop and toolbar should be refreshed with previous applications. Windows can get buggy and confused at times.




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