Access Your Desktop Icons From The Start Menu

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Access Your Desktop Icons From The Start Menu

Access Your Desktop Icons From The Start Menu

Did you ever want to access your desktop, or shortcut icons on your desktop when your screen is cluttered with windows which you don't want to minimize?

Windows 95 presents this simple and useful solution. Place a shortcut to your desktop on your START Menu. Here's how:

1 - Right click on your TASKBAR and choose PROPERTIES.

2 - Select the START MENU PROGRAMS tab, then the ADVANCED button.

3 - In the right panel, under the PROGRAMS folder, you will see any shortcuts you have already placed atop your START menu. Right click here in the white space here and choose NEW, then SHORTCUT.

4 - In the command line for your shortcut, type c:\windows\desktop

5 - Click NEXT. Then in the name box, name your shortcut Desktop.

6 - Click the FINISH button.

7 - Close the Explorer window, then click OK in TASKBAR PROPERTIES.

8 - Now, open START on your taskbar and like magic your desktop folder icon should be visible. Click it to open your desktop folder.

NOTE: The Recycle Bin, My Computer, and Network Neighborhood icons will not be present in the shortcut folder you created. You will need to manually place shortcuts to these items in the shortcut folder you created in order to view them from the Start menu.


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