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Clear The Documents Menu

How To Clear The Documents Menu

Files listed under the Documents menu of the Start button menu can really cause a user to see red, especially, if the file is no longer on your system. Windows 98 provides a way to clear them all by right clicking on any blank area of the Taskbar, selecting the "Start Menu Programs" tab, and pressing the Clear button, but that clears ALL the documents. What if you want to only delete a few of them? Well here's two ways to do it.

Method 1:

The files listed in the Documents menu, are placed there because the Windows 98 system creates shortcuts to those files and places those shortcuts in a folder. The path to the folder is usually: C:\WINDOWS\RECENT. You can open this folder and delete individual shortcuts. That will remove the item from the Documents menu.

1 - Click the Start button

2 - Select Run

3 - Type "Start Recent" in the box and click the OK button.

4 - The C:\Windows\Recent folder will be opened

5 - Click on any shortcut you'd like and press the delete key.

Method 2:

Method 1 is a hassle you say? Well try this approach. Why not make a shortcut to the Recent folder, and place it on the desktop for easy access?

1 - Open the Windows 98 Explorer, and

2 - Highlight the C:\Windows\Recent folder, then right drag the folder to the desktop. 3 - 3 - Select "Create Shortcut Here" from the drop down menu.

This creates the shortcut to the Recent Folder. You can then rename this icon to anything you'd like, and you'll have easy access to the Documents menu items folder right from your desktop. Deleting icons from this folder, removes the item from the Documents menu.



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