Fully Expanding the Contents of a Folder

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Fully Expand The Contents Of A Folder

Fully Expanding The Contents Of A Folder

You already know by now that Windows 98 has many ways to accomplish the same task. Microsoft did this so you can always use the method that suits your own personal working habits. One of these multi-method features is true when expanding a folder in any Windows Explorer view. You can click on the little plus sign next to a folder to reveal it's contents, and continue to repeat these steps for every folder after that. Here's an easier way:

1 - Open the Windows Explorer.

2 - Single-click a folder with a plus sign in the left-hand pane to highlight it.

3 - Press the asterisk key on the numeric keypad.

4 - Windows 98 will then expand the list to show you the contents of that folder, and the contents of every subfolder below the folder you highlighted.


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