Copying a Floppy Disk

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Copying a Floppy Disk

Copying A Floppy Disk

Did you ever want to make a copy of the files you have on a floppy disk without dragging all the files to your hard drive first? Windows 98 has a utility that will make that task as simple as possible. Here's how.

1 - Make sure you have a formatted disk the same size as the one you want to copy

2 - Insert the original floppy diskette in the drive

3 - Double-click on My Computer, and right click on the A: drive icon

4 - Choose "Copy Disk"

5 - When the Copy Disk dialog box appears, click the Start button.

6 - Windows 98 will read the contents of the disk into memory

7 - You will then be prompted to insert the blank disk.

8 - Windows will then transfer the data in memory to the disk.




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