Managing files from file search window

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Managing files from file search window

The file search feature of Windows 98 is a very powerful search engine that can help you locate files on your computer system. One of the rarely used features of this utility, is the ability to manipulate the files in the listing that's returned based on your search criteria.

The Find dialog box is a highly specialized version of the Windows 98 Explorer, and as such, you can perform any of standard file system operations on the files that appear in the contents pane after you perform a search. If you right click on a file in the list, here's the operation that you can do:

1 -Open - Let's you launch the application associated with the file and open it

2 - Print - sends the file to the default windows printer

3 -Quick View - View the contents of the file without launching the associated program

4 -Send To - Let's you send the file to any shortcut in the Send to folder. For example, if you had a printer shortcut in the Send To folder, you can print the file simply by selecting Send To and choosing the printer icon from the menu.

5 -Create Shortcut - allows you to quickly create a shortcut to the file or folder

6 - Delete - sends the file to the Recycle Bin

7 -Rename -allows you to assign a new name for the file

8 -Properties - lets you see the specific properties of the file

9 - Cut and Copy - allows you to cut (change the location) or copy (place a duplicate) of the file on your system




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