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Reusing a search, search shortcuts

Saving And Reusing A File Search

Did you ever find yourself looking for files on your system using the Windows 98 "Find File" option on the Start menu, and then repeating the same search a day later? You would always have to enter the same search criteria over and over, and that wastes time. You can save the criteria you use to look for a particular file to use again and again by following the instructions below:

1 - Click Start/Find/Files or Folder

2 - Enter your search criteria as normal and click the Find Now button

3 - When the search is completed, click the File menu and select Save Search

4 - Windows 98 automatically places an icon on the desktop of your PC

5 - Close the Find window, and locate the icon on your desktop

6 - Rename the icon to make it more meaningful to you.

7 - To search again, simply double-click the newly created icon.


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