Changing Your Cursors In Windows 98

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Changing Your Cursors In Windows 98

Ever get frustrated because your standard cursor or the resize arrows are too small to see? Change them! You can choose a larger size and even a totally different cursor set. Windows 98 itself provides you several different cursor sets to choose from and if you have Microsoft Plus installed on your computer, you have even a wider variety including animated cursors.

How do you change your cursors:

1) Choose Start, Settings, Control Panel, then click on the Mouse icon.

2) Choose the Pointers tab, and select the cursor you want to change.

3) Select the browse button. You should now be in your cursor directory.

4) Choose the cursor you wish to use to replace the one you already have, then click open.

5) Repeat this procedure for any other cursor you wish to change.

6) Once you have made your selection, click the SAVE AS button, give your new scheme a name, and save it.

7) If you want to change ALL your cursors in one shot choose SCHEME, and then large, extra large or any other available cursor scheme. All your cursors will then switch to the scheme you have selected

8) When done, click ok to exit the dialog box.



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