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Download the Linux Operating System


Multitudes of computer users around the world are enjoying the benefits of Linux. Save for a few quirks here and there, Linux can practically replace an XP desktop system. And here's the best part? It's free! As a cheap alternative to XP, Linux can fulfill all your computing needs and more. So, where can I obtain more information about downloading the Linux Operating System?


An excellent site that compares each Linux distro, listing their advantages and weaknesses, is If you're unsure of which Linux distro to download and install, surf on over to distrowatch, and read some of their reviews of the most popular Linux Operating System distributions.


You'll find a lot of good Linux literature on and, when you've decided on your future distro, they'll link you to the distro's main website for more information and a download link.


Download and Run a Linux Operating System without installing it!


Have you been weary about giving Linux a try because of the amount of study and preparation involved? Does the thought of manually partitioning your hard drive turn your stomach? What if you don't like what Linux has to offer as an Operating System and want to go back to the familiarity of XP without any hassles or reinstallation?


For a no-hassle, no-installation Linux distro, give Knoppix a test drive.


Knoppix is a full fledged Linux Operating System that is bootable from a CD or DVD drive. Since Knoppix runs from a CD or DVD disc, there's no need to manually install it to your hard drive!


Simply pop in your Knoppix disk, reboot your computer, and, before you know it, you're running a powerful Linux distro without the hassle of installation or arcane dual boot procedures.


If you decide you don't like Knoppix Linux, you can always go back to XP by ejecting the Knoppix disk and rebooting back to the familiar territory of Windows . Knoppix is the perfect distro to get your feet wet in the Linux pond.


All you need to do is download a Knoppix disk image, burn it, and then boot up your computer with Knoppix in your CD/DVD drive. You can find more information about Knoppix here:




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